A reflective quality flows through the whole of Hunters Chorus’ gorgeous ‘Old Growler’. Expanding seemingly into the infinite the spacious pieces have a symphonic air to them. Stylistically, Hunters Chorus draws from folk, indie rock, post rock, with a great delicacy to it. The moodiness of the album comes from how beautifully it all flows through into a singular unified whole. Like a grand journey, the scope constantly changes as the emotional heft of the work comes from the highly nimble, thoughtful guitar work that emerges over the course of the entire work... With ‘Old Growler’ Hunters Chorus creates a thoughtful work, one whose fragile melodies linger in the mind long after it has ended.
— Beach Sloth

Hunters Chorus Bio:

Hunters Chorus is an instrumental alternative rock project of guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and composer Ramon Fermin, who composed, arranged and performed all guitars and bass on the debut album Old Growler, which releases on October 19th, 2018 on Caldo Verdo Records. Old Growler was co-produced by Ramon and Jack Shirley, and recorded, mixed and mastered at Shirley’s Atomic Garden Recording Studio in East Palo Alto, California. Ramon’s good friend and prior collaborator Haig Shirinian played drums on the sessions, which began in July of 2017. Ramon continued work on the album while on breaks between tours as a live guitarist with Sun Kil Moon, Magik*Magik Orchestra, and the San Francisco Guitar Quartet that year, and Old Growler was completed in May of 2018.

“The music on Old Growler is a memorial for my late dog Jasmine, and was inspired by a fantastical state I would enter while taking her for walks around my childhood hometown in the middle of the night” says Ramon “...during these journeys I would feel as if the common material world would give way to another realm that we would traverse together - whimsical shapes and entities would appear and materialize out of the ether of the night and flood my imagination, and I would feel bewildered and excited by a feeling of moving through and towards the unknown.”

As a sideman, Ramon tours internationally with Sun Kil Moon, and nationally with Magik*Magik Orchestra. He will appear on Sun Kil Moon’s upcoming November 2018 release This Is My Dinner as a guitarist and composer. 

Ramon's early career was shaped by an interest in classical guitar music that led to a rigorous conservatory apprenticeship, and eventual roles as a co-founder of the electric guitar ensemble Ignition Duo, a member of the San Francisco Guitar Quartet, and a highly in-demand freelancer in the San Francisco Bay Area’s contemporary classical music scene. Following a brief return to the conservatory in 2016, Ramon decided to focus his energies on completing a body of material that had originally been intended for his then defunct instrumental rock trio Waking Moments, and the moniker Hunters Chorus was created as an avenue for the music that would become Old Growler.